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My name is Jose Antonio Velasco. I have a Bachelors degree in Visual Communications.


Currently I am a Freelance Graphic Designer, but prior to the whole world pandemic, for 4 years I've worked as full-time graphic designer, production artist, and photographer for a company based out of Compton, California. With 6 years as a full time in house Graphic Artist under my belt and about 9 years as a Freelance Graphic Designer I more than confident and comfortable at what I do.


I have an excellent eye for art, color, design and an expertise in logo, advertising, marketing, web, and print design.


Anything that is design, I am all for!

Some of my hobbies include playing guitar or making music, watching/playing soccer (I love sports), drawing, photography, videography, playing video games, reading about finances/stocks. Anything that sparks my creativity has always been very influential part of my life.

Hope this made you feel a little closer at what I like to call my epic and totally rad life. ha

Below is a link that will redirect you to my resume.


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